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"Borba" newspaper: "Lizabel® 2014" Swimwear collection

Date: 2014-08-01

Femi's Swimwear collection on the first page of world fashion website


Milena Toncheva - showing models for collection “Lizabel® 2014”


28-year old designer Ivo and his models for the next season


Seamstresses at work

Summer beachwear collection “Lizabel® 2014” received admirations from the world famous website, that placed it along with the top labels in the gender on its home page.

The company name is: Femi ltd and these excellent assessments are not the first one for it. The family factory - producer of swimwear and underwear for men, women and children - is surviving for 20 years now. Now it is placed in a shiny three-storeyed building with 80 seamstresses, it`s own designers team and three own labels -  Lizabel®, Lookme® and Maxly®.

Femi`s models are much well known abroad, than in the country, because the owners Milena and Tihomir Tonchevi refuse to be media stars. After all Mrs Toncheva agreed to tell “Borba” newspaper about  the beginning of the business, for the struggle with the chiniese 50 cents underwear, for the competition in the sector, as well as the neglection of the people and authorities to local business.

Milena has two university degrees - Information technologies and Business administration. Tihomir is an electrician, but its avocation has always been  architecture. You can tell it`s  true by just look at the building we walk in, as it was its idea. 20 years ago Milena and Tihomir decided to start this family firm, called it “Femi”- from “family” and to produce bulgarian underwear and swimwear. 

...” I quit my previous job, because Tihomir has started to create the models - it just came to him, no matter he was an electrician . He launched all alone the first  models he was drawing and I had to follow and support him. He never did something like this, neither did I, but yet here we are 20 years later - still standing” - says Milena. She is inviting us in the lobby of the multi windowed building, painted in blue and yellow. Inside you can find spacious clean rooms full of  light.

The facility has a store where one can find everything produced in the factory and made by original italian fabrics as well as  high quality bulgarian cotton fabrics.

Durring the world economic crisis profits decreased dramaticaly and went to losses, but Femi`s owners continued to struggle for survival... and succeed!

Currently - Ivo Yordanov (the fashion designer of Femi), along with his coleague- Antoaneta Kondjarova, are ready with the new Collection for swimwear 2015 and we were lucky to catch a glimpse of it. Ivo also revealed, that next year`s collection will have lots of sport models, different shiny colours and even Maroccan motives, as it will be  the tend for all global collections as well.

Every year the firm creates hundreds of new models of swimming suits. That`s why it is desired partner for lots of fashion shows and  beauty contests. The fame and glory though are not the main purpose for Milena and Tihomir, but to work hard and honest in order to make something comfortable, good looking and long lasting, like their models.


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