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fashin mask

Date: 25 Oct 2020

Femi On Nova TV - FASHION AMONG THE MASKS: From the military front to the wardrobe of the pandemic

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Date: 11 Sep 2020

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Donation to the regional hospitals in Gorna Oryahovitsa and Veliko Tarnovo

Date: 13 Apr 2020

The manager of Femi Ltd. - Milena Toncheva donated to the Municipal hospitals St. Ivan Rilski - Gorna Oryahovitsa and Dr. Stefan Cherkezov Veliko Tarnovo 1600 donated masks and protective clothing were specially made for the medical staff.

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Femi ”organizes the production of protective masks

Date: 16 Mar 2020

Femi organized the manufacture of protective masks, and introduced strict measures to protect its workers.

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Staffing shortages are increasingly hampering businesses in the country

Date: 17 Sep 2019

Недостигът на кадри все повече спъва бизнеса в страната

Дата: 17.09.2019


Милена Тончева
РК Горна Оряховица

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Date: 13 Aug 2019

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